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CSCS Cards

CSCS Cards – Get them out of your tenders

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cscs cardsThe CSCS scheme has been around for some time; they are used as a tool to represent a level of understanding for safety on construction sites. In this article, we hope to explain why CSCS cards should be removed from any current or future security contracts.

Construction Related Occupation CSCS Cards

Although security officers are not directly connected with the construction industry; it was decided that they would be liable for the Construction Related Occupation cards (white). Once this decision had been made; it soon became a common aspect of construction industry security tenders to request that all officers were cardholders.

Many security providers moved away from providing officers to construction contracts to avoid the cost from running multiple officers through the accreditation path. However, this has changed over recent months.

Review of the CRO card

The CSCS scheme has undergone some review and change processes recently and as a result, a number of former ‘CRO’ occupations have been removed from the scheme as they are no longer seen as related to construction. A full article can be viewed HERE and a list of the occupations that have been removed is HERE.

It is with great pleasure and also some annoyance that I can state that ‘Security Guard’ is one of the occupations that has been removed and as a result, Security Officer no longer require OR are able to gain CSCS cards.

So I am sure that you can see why I have stated it is a good thing; but why an annoyance?

nutshell photoThe security industry in a nutshell

PGS is a small evolving company and can not compare to many of the larger security providers in the market… Or can we?

Over the last few weeks, PGS has been completing some tenders with the view of increasing our current portfolio. It was during this time that we reviewed 2 construction based tenders and was shocked to see two things:

[panel panel_heading=” Tendering Company” panel_text=” As a condition of this contract; the successful service provider will be responsible to provide security officers who have completed and gained CSCS cards of the Construction Related Occupation role.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

The second surprise was from the tender query section; first a question from one of the proposed providers and then the reply from the tendering company:

[panel panel_heading=”Security Provider” panel_text=”Can you please clarify if CSCS cards are mandatory for the security officers or is this optional?” panel_color=”enigma_panel-green”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Tendering Company” panel_text=”CSCS cards are mandatory as per industry regulation. This is not optional and is a condition of the contract being rewarded.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

(This was the same in both tender packs, nearly exactly word for word)

So what am I going on about; and how does this mean that PGS is just as good, if not a little better when servicing clients?

The tendering company of which one was a large housing association and the other a national construction company really should know better. Let’s be honest; if they are going to build tenders and stipulate that some requirements are mandatory; then they surely need to ensure that they are up to date with industry changes.

To the security providers who are tendering for these contracts…

If you are aware of CSCS cards or even if you are not; surely due diligence should lead to you finding out the information. It took 3 minutes from start to finish to check the facts and find that the scheme had changed. Instead, we have another example of several companies that have tendered across 2 separate contracts and entered into an initial agreement that they will provide something that is physically IMPOSSIBLE.

This ladies and gentlemen is the security industry in a nutshell!

Moving forward

For any security provider who may be unsure what to do next please see the following for guidance…

Do you have existing contracts that require CSCS cards?

Yes – Print out THIS page and arrange a meeting with your current clients that may be affected. Once you have explained to the clients; ensure that contracts, assignment instructions and service level agreements are adjusted to show the changes.
No – Do nothing and relax!


Are you currently tendering for a contract requesting CSCS cards?

Yes – Email or raise at query stage and include THIS page in your communication. Advise the company that this is now an impossible task and ask them to clarify or remove this aspect from the tender requirements.
No – Do nothing and relax!


Come on folks; surely you can all see how this situation should not arise. We should all be constantly reviewing any form of regulation, scheme or advisor rules that affect our professions. With current technology, there really isn’t any excuse to fall behind and if I am honest; I will admit I feel sorry for those service providers who are still contractually obliged to provided CSCS covered officers when they no longer exist.

Sorry to have a little rant in this article; but when PGS is keeping on top of changes such as this, surely all the ‘bigger’ fish should also be keeping up with it.

PGS . . . because our clients get more

[progressbar progress_heading=”Current Service Provider Performance” progress_percentag=”35″/]

[progressbar progress_heading=”Phil Green Security Performance” progress_percentag=”100″/]

[panel panel_heading=”” panel_text=”Our clients are more than just clients to PGS staff; they are the reason we go to work everyday and above everything, we will always go that extra mile to ensure we exceed our client’s requirements.” panel_color=”panel-default”/]

Client Portal

Inside PGS – Whats behind our client portal

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client photoAnyone who has been to the PGS website will soon realise that we are just as mad about tech as we are security and one of our priorities is to give our clients as many toys to play with as possible. Inside PGS – Whats behind our client portal; will give you an inside view of what our clients benefit from when using PGS services. We always stand by our motto ‘… because our clients get more’.

What is available on the client portal?

  • Incident Reports
  • Shift Logs
  • Information Documents
  • Contract Documents
  • Health & Safety Policies

  • PLI
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Assignment Instructions
  • Meeting Booking Service

Login & Explore

client portal
When you arrive at the website; our clients simply select ‘Client Portal’ and are taken to a login page.

The client will be provided with a username and password at the start of any assignment or contract. Once inside all details can be edited from passwords to addresses, we give the client full control.



Once on the site; the client is presented with a dashboard which is designed to show the most recent 10 documents. Along the top of the dashboard is a navigation menu which is used to access the client’s dedicated section of the site.



Booking Tab


Under the booking tab is the appointment booking system for our clients to request meeting direct. The largest benefit of this system is our clients can view our availability and fit the meeting around their workflow. The calendar is automatically updated ensuring that the shown meeting slots are available.

Section 1 – Used to make appointments by selecting a date and then a time slot.

Section 2 – Shows currently booked appointments. At this time our clients are able to book up to 3 meetings in advance.




File Manager Tab

The File Manager tab displays all documents available to the logged in client. The only access is granted for documents that belong to the client and documents are not shared between clients. As a result, the file manager will only display the documents owned by the client. Once a document is selected from this panel; the client will be taken to a download page that allows the client to retrieve the document.

Section 1 – This is a tiled display of all the documents owned by the logged in client.

Section 2 – Gives three different ways to filter the documents by Catagories, Date or Creator.

My Account Tab

client portal


The final tab is for account maintenance; including editing details.

The options given are:

  • Account Details – Shows current recorded details held on file.
  • Edit Account – Allows the client to edit their own details including changing the password and updating addresses.
  • Logout – Well I think this is an obvious one…




Forever building our client portal

As you can see we offer several benefits to our clients; be it immediate access to reports, 24/7 access to documents or even an ‘on-demand’ meeting booking service. We are constantly working on our back office and will continue to build upon our existing tools to improve our client’s experience.

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning – Business as usual

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Unfortunately in this fast-paced world that we operate in; one of the most important areas that can often be overlooked is that of Business Continuity Planning. It is more important than ever that businesses begin to establish a strong connection between security providers and the role that they can play in establishing business continuity.

Business Continuity Planning – Overview

Although the threats that many businesses face are forever changing; it is more important than ever that a system for protecting the running state of your business is in place. When carrying out robust Business Continuity Planning there are four main aspects that need to be addressed; these are:

 [accordian fields=”4″ accordian_title=”~Business Identification~Reponse Package~Execute Preparation Plan~Training and Exercise Schedule” accordian_text=”~Identify all assets and procedures that are needed to ensure the business can maintain effective operation.~Build a response action for potential scenarios and include both short and long-term measures.~Deploy countermeasures that will ensure business running whilst the Business Continuity Planning is being generated. ~Set a timetable for running both real-time and tabletop exercises to analyze and improve Business Continuity Planning constantly.”/]

Business Continuity Planning

Things to Consider

The main categories or areas in which a business continuity plan will cover are natural hazards, diseases, major accidents, societal risks and malicious attacks. It is a good idea to take time to review the current UK National Risk Register and assess which areas are likely to impact your business. This process should give you the baseline for the development of a tailored made Business Continuity Plan suited to your needs.

When looking at a robust BCP there are many variables that can play a part in the process; however, for ease, we will address the major principles of Terror, Fire, Flooding and Power Faults. Before we take a look at each of these, in turn; I must ask that you keep an open mind as the following information is written in very general terms and of course, will need some adaptation to fit into your business requirements.

Pre-Event – Measures that should be implemented prior to any incident. These may reduce risk or just stand as a trigger marker to initiate a Response from the BCP.

Response – Actions and steps to be carried out following the required trigger activation.

TerrorMI5 photo

There are many sub-categories that make up the subject of a terror threat; be it infrastructure, crowded places or even transportation attacks. The initial step is to monitor the current threat level for both International and Northern Ireland terrorism. These can both be found on the MI5 website.


  • Monitoring – All personnel should be extra vigilant during heightened threat periods and report any information to the BCP or security lead. During these times anything that could be out of the normal should be reported including unknown persons, suspicious vehicles, even suspicious packages should always be taken into account.
  • Vetting – All staff should undergo even the most basic of vetting procedure, BPSS Is a goodness benchmark.
  • Assesment of Measures – The best form of prevention is preparation and this should include your current security measures. If you read our ‘Operational Requirements‘ article then you should be well on your way to having this aspect watertight. For those who have not read the article then consider measures such as search levels, security manning levels, physical barriers for traffic and pedestrian control.

Once you have established pre-event measures; then it is only a matter of approaching the next step; the Response strategy. In many cases, the corrective response will be to increase the level of pre-event measures. In the case of terror; often the response can be triggered by a threat level as opposed to an actual targeted incident to your business.


  • Manning Levels – Increased levels to allow for more patrols, searches and a general increase in security duties as a whole.
  • Policies – Engagement of Emergency Preparedness Plan and also Bomb Threat Policy.
  • Physical Barriers – Even if only temporary fixings, physical barriers can be deployed and reduce the risk from vehicle-based attacks for example.


The risk of fire can be greatly increased depending on the nature of the industry that the business is operating in; however, there are a few standard points that we can include.


  • Knowledge – Train all personnel on building layout and carry out regular fire drills, including full evacuation
  • Practices – Operate clean work area policies and take time to train key staff on fire awareness
  • Equipment – Ensure all fire based equipment is well maintained; from extinguishers through to detectors and sprinklers.

In the event of a fire; the priority control must always remain with the emergency services; however, some steps can be taken to assist them and the business.


  • Security Levels – raise manning levels to assist in evac control, hydrant assistance and access/egress control.
  • Restoration Plan – Have a plan in place with specialist businesses of which to restore function as soon as possible both clean up and construction.

Flooding (Weather Related)

rain photo

Becoming more common in the UK; flooding can be both devastating for business and life threating, even in small measures. With the growing reliance on IT and digital infrastructure, even the smallest amount of flooding can be fatal for our businesses. As part of business awareness; weather reports should form part of daily monitoring.



  • Drainage Maintenance – This is the front line of your defence and must not be overlooked in maintenance plans
  • Flood Boards – Installation of flood boards on doors most at risk. These will also need to be maintained and correct SOP’s put in place for their deployment.
  • Design – When installing new IT and other vulnerable assets, placement should be in flood-proof areas (above ground level etc).
  • EPP – Ensure an evacuation procedure is in place for the evacuation and lockdown of the premises


  • Evacuate – Carry out staff evacuations before areas become flooded and minimise risk to personnel
  • Lockdown – If the site is to be fully evacuated; then a full lockdown procedure must be initiated, this must also include last man searches.
  • Cleanup – Ensure that a cleanup plan is set out in brief during EPP design and then discuss in full (off-site if needed) to return the business to normal.

Flooding is one of the only scenarios in which extra manning is not a viable option as safety concerns cannot be reduced enough to allow for deployment.

Power Outage

No matter the reason; be it an onsite or offsite fault, a power outage can affect your security more than anything. Simply by loosing CCTV, Barrier controls, door controls or even lights; the security of a site can be reduced to near zero.


  • EPP – On larger sites or sites that are of multiple levels; placement of emergency boxes is a good step. These boxes should contain some form of communication and torches. Access to the boxes should be kept to a minimum to reduce miss use but to also ensure that equipment is in working order for security to evac people.
  • Lighting – Maintenance of emergency lighting should be carried out at regular intervals.
  • Manual Backup – Any form of physical barrier (road barriers, mag-lock doors) must have manual backup overrides for both opening and also securing.


  • Manning Levels – This is probably one of the most important, extra security will be needed to make up for the drop in security measures and also to carry out building sweeps during the evac stage.
  • Monitoring – If the fault is based off-site; contact with the national grid must be made and regular updates received.
  • Lighting – Generators and temporary floodlighting should be deployed if the outage is to cross over a ‘night’ period.
  • Lockdown – Full lockdown should be carried out once a full evacuation has been carried out.


Although this article starts to address the subject of Business Continuity Planning; it is only as a general guide and should stand as an informational reminder that businesses do face threats. If planning is carried out in a methodical manner, then the impact on your business can be minimal.

PGS ensure that we provide as much Business Continuity Planning as possible for our clients at the start of our contracts and make it a personal objective to minimise the risks to your business.

Did you read our article on Escort Solutions?


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escort solutions

Escort Solutions Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance

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So as we see an ever-increasing rise in the movement of high value or high-risk goods around the UK road network, the need for security measures has increased. We at PGS have decided to look at Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance and how to choose the right escort solutions.

PGS has been relentless in its designing of both of our escort solutions and it is our belief that we have covered almost every possible requirement that our clients may have. We say ‘almost’ because at the end of the day; the world we live in os a very dynamic one and life will often throw up situations that may not be accounted for. However; PGS officers are all at the front of their profession and are able to call upon a collective of experience in security and protection, which enables them to deal with any situation that arises.

Let’s take a look at the Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance comparison chart.

Security Escort VS Escort Surveillance

Security Escort Escort Surveillance
Covert Vehicle Vehicle displays 'Security Escort' wording Escort Vehicle has no security markings
Uniformed Officers Officers will be in company uniform and visible during any stoppage periods during transportation Normally officers are in plain clothes to allow for surveillance effectiveness
Target Vehicle Informed of Escort Driver is aware of security escort and convoy rules are used for junctions etc The driver is not informed that he will be under surveillance. Other than if intervention is required, the driver will never be aware even after the operation is completed.
Target Vehicle Tracked Via True Track Driver and Escort work together to maintain formation GPS tracker is used during operation and offers all benefits of True Track service*
Video Recording of FULL movement Video footage is usually only taken if an incident occurs The full journey is recorded from start to finish
Escort Completion Certificate Full report and certification upon completion Full report and certification upon completion

Security Escort

As you can see from the table above; security escorts are overt and offer a high visibility deterrent. Normal procedures would include the driver of the vehicle to be followed being fully aware of the escort and would work in conjunction in order to minimise the risk of separation. During any rest periods; the PGS officers ensure that consignment is safe and secure by operating a constant guarding service. PGS staff will also step in at any point in which they are required and if needed; will record video and still images, along with statements and reports. This additional service is extremely useful in the event of a road traffic accident for example. PGS will always ensure that the driver’s safety and consignment security is at the forefront of any assignment.

escort solutions

Escort Surveillance

PGS escort surveillance is similar to the escort security service; however, the main difference between the two is the covert nature of the surveillance role. PGS officers will be dressed in plain clothes and follow the target in an unmarked vehicle. Unlike our security escort; when acting covertly, PGS will always attach a GPS tracker to the target vehicle. The purpose of the tracker is multi-fold; not only does it allow the client to monitor the movements in real time, it also allows PGS officers to know where the target is. Due to the nature of escort surveillance; drivers are often not aware that they are being followed and as such our officers lose the ability to work with the driver to minimise separation of the escort, our GPS trackers resolve this easily.

Another feature of the escort surveillance service is the provision of full video recording, this will detail the journey from start to finish. As with the security escort; our officers will step in at any point that the consignment security is put at risk, they will also step in at the request of the client if the driver’s safety is compromised. We only seek the permission of the client prior to intervention as to not jeopardise the surveillance by having the driver aware of our presence.

Which Escort Solutions to Choose

[accordian fields=”3″ accordian_title=”~Driver IS NOT identified as a risk~Driver IS identified as a risk~No direct threat but high-value consignment” accordian_text=”~An overt security escort would be the best option and a detailed escort plan developed with the driver’s input. Any of the tools that would be used during a covert assignment can be added to this service; GPS tracking for example. ~Covert escort surveillance is the better option if complete discretion is required. A GPS tracker is fitted to the vehicle and from that point forward; our team will proceed to follow and monitor the vehicle during transit. At every step; accurate reports are made to the client and sent via email, including a final assignment report upon completion. At all times the client has access to the GPS tracker for live monitoring.~Either escort solution can be used in this case, however for ease of service delivery an overt option maybe the best. “/]

Select the links to read more about our escort solutions – Security Escort or Escort Surveillance

Did you read our article; PPSS Emergency Body Armour Deployable Civilian Protection

emergency body armour

PPSS Emergency Body Armour Deployable Civilian Protection

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Whilst my normal day to day activities keep me busy; I try to spend at least a couple of hours each week researching new products and innovations within the security industry or those close to it. Jokingly I would say like a bad penny; but in all seriousness, it is a pleasure to have discovered yet another outstanding product from the guys at PPSS Group. I must jump straight in with the praise and say that no matter the protection requirement, this is one of the most cutting-edge companies there is. Following the recent events and sad loss of life due to terror; I really can not explain how great it is to finally see a deployable civilian protection solution enter the market.

PPSS GroupWho is PPSS?

Ok, so I know that if you are reading this you probably already know who PPSS are… But if not, have I got a treat in store for you. PPSS is one of the most friendly and openly active companies in the body armour and protection industry. With a combination of experience in governments, elite military forces, police, prison riot teams and personal protection; these guys rack up an amazing 100+ years of expertise.

The one thing that I really wish to do; is to share a video with you in which the CEO of PPSS takes a 9mm round whilst wearing one of the other products that PPSS supply.

As you will see these guys don’t only just make great protection products, but they are willing to put themselves in the line of fire… literally.

Deployable Civilian Protection

So let’s have a look at what deployable civilian protection means and furthermore; what is Emergency Body Armour is.

Taking into account the multiple attacks in civilian areas over the past 12 months; all of which directly aimed at civilians, there stands a common issue; what is there for everyday people to protect themselves if found at risk?

PPSS has taken this massively open question and managed to develop a solution that can not only withstand a series of different threats but is also designed to be cost-effective and easily deployable in public areas.


Emergency Body Armour

Emergency Body Armour™ is a new rapidly deployable ‘device’ offering the latest in globally respected and field-tested body armour technology, displaying truly outstanding protection from edged weapons, such as machetes and knives, as well as hypodermic needles.

Taken from PPSS – Emergency Body Armour PDF

MaterialInside: 5mm thin high-performance polycarbonate
Cover: High-quality covert cover made out of Cordura®
Stab ProtectionTested & certified to HOSDB Knife Resistance Standard KR1
Tested in line with NIJ Standard
Blunt Trauma ProtectionExcellent level of protection from a kick, punch or blow – or blunt
objects such as a piece of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc.
Needle ProtectionExcellent level of protection from narrower blades &
hypodermic needles
Tested Energy Level 124 Joules – 7mm Maximum Penetration
Tested Energy Level 236 Joules – 20mm Maximum Penetration
Sizes15” x 10” / approx. 39cm x 26cm
Weight3.9lbs / 1.8kg
ColourHigh Visibility Yellow or Black
Place of ManufactureUK


Features & Benefits
• Rapidly Deployable
• Unlimited shelf life (compared to 3-5 years
lifespan of Kevlar® made body armour)
• Outstanding protection from blunt force
trauma (usually suffered following a kick,
punch or blow from a blunt object)
• Shields the spine, ribs and all vital organs
• Extremely lightweight
• Ultra-thin
• Home Office (HOSDB) certified

Who Is This Product Suitable For?
• Hospitals
• Airports
• Public Transport
• City Centre Hotels
• Concert/Entertainment Venues
• Private Security Firms
• Other location members of the public
wanting to seek shelter when faced by a
sudden occurring threat


When summing this product up; it is very easy to see how its implementation would be effective in raising the level of protection for civilians who come under a threat of violence; such as a knife based terror attack. However, the only grey area that I have come across is how would the logistics be organised with regard to placement. Before I continue; please understand that I have not spoken to any of the PPSS guys regarding the product and as such, I am not in possession of the facts around their target markets, but this allows me to approach it with a very open mind.

What excites me about this product is the endless possibilities of deployment, even if you just take recent incidents into account; then places such as government buildings, tourist attractions, hospitals and even public events can benefit from this product. I will be honest; I think that over the coming years and if threat levels are not addressed, these products will become commonplace and even a requirement for public spaces. Do you think I am being a little ambitious? Well, what if we compared them to fire extinguishers or defibrillation machines? Surely, there was a time when people didn’t think they would be widely available.

Keep up the great work PPSS!

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PPSS Group

Disclaimer – Any article that is reviewing, promoting or in any other way represents a third party product or service is in no way paid for or written for reward. PGS will only ever write an article for information purposes and does not receive any form of reward for doing such.

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Video Phil Green Security Introduction

Video: Phil Green Security Introduction

Category : News

Following my last article on ‘Who is Phil Green Security‘, We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the recording and editing of our introduction video. By viewing our Phil Green Security Introduction; you will no longer will you need to read through the lengthy torrent that I posted… Ok well, it is still worth a read, but who doesn’t like a cool new video?

Phil Green Security Introduction

Phil Green Security is more than just another security provider
Our professional and dedicated team is made up of experts in protection, surveillance and investigation.
The company specialises in
• Site & Personnel Security
• Escort Security & surveillance
• Dedicated Search Teams
• Audits to measure and improve existing performance.
• Covert Surveillance, Escort Surveillance and even discreet vehicle tracking
• Incident Investigation & Statement recording
Phil Green Security offer our clients a wide range of solutions and we excel in customer service and discretion.
For more information call our 24 hr phone line on 0843 289 4141
Or visit

Phil Green Security, because our clients get more.

Phil Green Security Introduction – Mission

It is our aim to bring you regular videos about our services and interesting products from within the security industry; however, the videos will not be published as often as our written articles.

Phil Green security is dedicated to providing a high level of service to all of our clients and also joining the fight to push the industry forward. By being committed to our clients, staff and cross-industry colleagues, we believe that there is a sustainable future for growth.


Benefits of Using PGS

At PGS we give our clients something that many of our competitors either will not or can not provide; complete dedication. When calling upon PGS to carry out services for them; our clients do not just benefit from a professional and cost-effective solution; they also benefit from the strong work ethics, industry knowledge and experience brought by our high levels of staff commitment.

Our clients are more than just clients to PGS staff; they are the reason we go to work everyday and above everything, we will always go that extra mile to ensure we exceed our client’s requirements.

Did you read our article; Who is Phil Green Security?

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