Are Your Employees Under the Influence

Are Your Employees Under the Influence

Are Your Employees Under the Influence

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Are Your Employees Under the Influence? a common question asked by today’s employers and Phil Green Security can answer it easily with the results of a recent survey.

During a recent survey that was carried out nationally; it was found that 1 in 4 employees admitted to going to work under the influence.

The survey; which was commissioned by ELAS, asked 1500 employees from all areas of the UK to determine what the root cause for work absence was and the results were shocking.

The findings revealed that in the region of 17 million work days were lost each year as a direct result from drug or drink related sickness and this results in a direct cost of £1.6 billion to UK businesses*. One of the other facts taken from the survey was that 1 in 5 employees admitted they had driven to their place of work whilst still feeling under the influence, even when it was the next day.
(*Home Office and National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence)

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This survey couldn’t have landed at a better time as over the month of December it is estimated that the UK population will consume 41% more alcohol, then the average monthly intake*.
(*NHS statistics)

Not just the young demographic

Sadly there is not enough readily available data to be able to assess how much drug use increases over the Christmas period, but what might be worth noting is an article published by the Express in August 2017 which states Concern over ‘rapid’ rise of drink and drug abuse among the over-50s” and then goes on to claim that doctors are worrying as the number of middle-aged drinkers and drug users is soaring. 

This needs to be taken on board by all employers as the general trend is to target the youger area of the workforce for screening and this goes to show that there is no discrimination on who can be affected. When asking Are Your Employees Under the Influence, a clear approach should be taken and the full workforce should be accountable.

Not as easy as the North and South divide

So we all know that Phil Green Security is a proud Yorkshire based company and it would be a relief if we could push the issues of substance abuse to the ‘city slickers’. However, you may be surprised when you see how the numbers stack up.

London took first place with 32% of employees admitting to working whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, followed up by the West Midlands with 30% and… Yorkshire and Humber taking third place with 27% of employees. The best performing regions where Northern Ireland and East Midlands which both landed a slightly more respectable score of 15%.

Still asking; Are Your Employees Under the Influence? Let’s have a look at the tables of results:

Working Under the Influence
West Midlands30.46%
Yorkshire & Humber27.41%
East Anglia26.37%
North East22.86%
North West21.89%
Northern Ireland15.87%
East Midlands15.79%

Driving Under the Influence
West Midlands31.13%
North East27.62%
Yorkshire & Humber 25.93%
North West24.26%
East Anglia21.98%
East Midlands21.05%
Northern Ireland14.29%

Head of Occupational Health and Safety at ELAS, Danny Clarke said:

“A quarter of UK workers admitting to working whilst intoxicated creates massive safety implications. Employers must step-up and take action to ensure safe working practices at all times – especially when offences become more prevalent over the Christmas period.

This is particularly important for industries where workers are required to operate machinery, transport or come in to contact with the public. Ideally, companies should have a policy relating to alcohol and drugs that may include testing procedures which are seen as best-practice in all industries. In those where the consequences could be fatal, having a testing procedure is the best way to safeguard against liability and ensure safety on site is maintained.

Employers UK-wide must ensure that workers are aware of the dangers of both working and driving whilst under the influence of an intoxicating substance.”

Are Your Employees Under the Influence?

Phil Green Security provides professional, confidential and comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing services. By combining forces with one of the industry leading laboratories we can offer robust experience in testing, legally defensible results and the correct level of protection to your business should an employee formally dispute them for any reason.

We pride ourselves on assisting our clients to reduce risks to their business and offer continual support throughout the process.

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