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Compliance Level Audit

Phil Green Security offers many services to clients throughout Hull and East Yorkshire; one of which is Security Auditing. Our Compliance Level Audit is a service that Phil Green Security offer in order to determine the benchmark of a client’s current security levels and a detailed report is then issued. Along with the report; our customers will also be offered some recommendations. At Phil Green Security we will always aim to provide solutions to any area of concern and this will also include cost analysis; with a breakdown if needed.

Compliance Level Audit Coverage

Format: 1 Single Audit

Each audit will cover several key areas of a physical security listed below. Additional areas can be selected by the client to meet their requirements.

– Key Audit
– Procedure Audit
– Incident Report Audit
– CCTV Audit
– Duty Personnel Audit
– Training Audit
– Site Overview Survey

A comprehensive and detailed review of each audit and what areas it will cover can be found on our Individual Audits section of the site.

Compliance Level Audit

Audit Completion Report

The client will be supplied with a comprehensive report, which includes an audit summary, options for improvement and a detailed breakdown
of each audited area. Both digital and printed version is supplied and an archived version is held with PGS.

So what can you expect during the audit?

Prior to the Compliance Level Audit taking place; a member of the team who will be responsible for the entire audit process will attend the client’s office or site and discuss any concerns or highlighted areas in which they feel should take priority. Also carried out during this initial meeting; will be a discussion on the standard audit coverage as above and if needed more in-depth details will be provided. Once all aspects of the audit have been finalised; a date will be set and the audit can take place.

On the day(s) of the audit; an auditor will arrive at a preset time and begin the auditing process. Our processes have been fine-tuned to minimise disruption to the clients staff and business running. Some clients ask to have a chaperone accompany the auditor, which is encouraged in some situations; if the client is of an industrial or manufacturing nature for example.

We are proud to say that the days of endless paperwork during an audit has been put to bed; here at Phil Green Security and instead all of our auditing work is carried out on a tablet.

This approach has seen a significant reduction in the audit time frame and also a drastic cost saving for our clients. Once the audit is fulfilled; our personalised and tuned process will result in a completed audit report being with delivered in just a few business days.

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