Continual Professional Development for Security


Continual Professional Development for Security

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CPD – Continual Professional Development for Security is the process of tracking any skills, knowledge or experience that you gather as you work; both formally and informally. CPD can come from many forms including training courses, seminars, meetings or research to name a few. The security industry is one of the many industries that can really embrace CPD as there is a limited amount of required training in order to carry out most roles. As a result, alternative ways to develop as an individual and professional are required and CPD allows this to be recorded and credited as proof of development.

CPD for Security

The Institute of Security has developed a voluntary programme that is robust and easy to follow. PGS will assist in gaining the required points to fulfil the yearly target and ensure that Continual Professional Development is achieved. As you will see from the institute’s website; almost any activity has CPD points attached to it and with the scope of available activities, you will only benefit by expanding skills, knowledge and experience.

The benefits of Continual Professional Development are:Development of Securityofficer

  • Stay up to date with industry changes
  •  Have development recognised
  • Record & define competencies
  • Increase your employability
  • Stay motivated & driven to improve
  • Create a foundation to your career

What is Formal & Informal Learning

Formal Learning – these include events, seminars, conferences, course and qualifications and are normally concluded with a certificate or other evidence to document against Continual Professional Development.

Informal Learning – giving presentations, writing papers or articles, providing mentorship or carrying out research. These practices usually involve the supporting of others.

Getting Started

In order to get started please visit The Security Institute and read through the programme. Once you are happy to proceed; download the toolkit and begin the exciting time of building your CPD portfolio.

PGS Course for CPD

Phil Green Security is currently offering CPD course

CourseDuration Delivery TypeCPD Point ValueCost
(per attendee)
More Info
CPD136 – Security Officer Refresher12Hrs (2 Days)Classroom12 Credits£40.00
Larger groups are eligible for discounted rates
CPD 136
CPD124 – Auditing for Success10Hrs (1.5 Days)Classroom10 Credits£40.00
Larger groups are eligible for discounted rates
CPD 124

Benefits for Employers

There is no better time to invest in your staff than now and PGS is here to assist in getting to that next level. We are continually developing new ways to improve the security industry and as we are a service based sector this can only be done by improving staff knowledge and ability.

Need that little extra to make your tender stand out? Why not add the Continual Professional Development plan to this and show to your clients new and old that you are just as committed to your staff as you are to turning profits.

PGS offers a discount when group booking; this can equate to a set day rate when booking more than 8 attendees to a course.

Please contact PGS direct to discuss how we can work together and improve the security industry today.

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