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Domestic Security Advice

Domestic Security Advice

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As many of our readers will be aware; Phil Green Security is a specialist in security, surveillance, and investigations for business and corporate clients. However, with dark night now looming and Christmas just around the corner, we thought it may be a good time to address what you can do at home to improve your security and reduce the risk of burglary. Our domestic security advice will cover some simple things that you can do to reduce the risks significantly and we will also include some services that Phil Green Security can offer you.

Homes that have no security in place are around 5 times more likely to become a target, but by implementing just a handful of our tips and you can cut this to a near zero.

Domestic Security Advice

Ensure all windows and doors are locked, even if you are on the property. This would also include times when sleeping, when upstairs and also when gardening.

Look to keep keys out of sight, do not keep all keys together in an obvious place. Keys can be ‘fished’ through your letterbox or an open window.

Install an intruder alarm and ensure that it covers high-risk areas and is also maintained.

Install security lighting and ensure that this is maintained if possible ensure that timings are altered throughout the year

When going away for periods of time; ask a trusted neighbor to look after your property.

If you use light timers, ensure that the timings are staggered and try to avoid all lights coming on at the same time. The aim is to give the illusion of movement around the property.

Keep on top of boundary upkeep including cutting hedges and fence repairs, this forms part of ‘CPTED’ and is one of the best natural security measures available.

Avoid leaving items out such as ladders that can be used to access higher points of entry such as bedroom windows.

Carry out a simple marking system on your property such as UV postcoding.

Invest in a safe to keep passports etc in, but avoid the cheap electronic ones that are easily broken or taken away.

Doors & Windows

It is worth contacting your local locksmith and asking them to check your door and window locks. If possible always get your PVC Eurolocks exchanged for mechanisms with anti-bump and anti-snapping countermeasures built in.

If you live in the Hull and East Yorkshire area; we would recommend:

[button style=”enigma_btn_blue” size=”enigma_btn_large” btn_disable=”0″ url=”″ ]CWP Locksmiths[/button]

When Going Out of Town

So if the property is going to be empty for a few days, then there are steps you can take to ensure that any risk of intruders is minimised.

Use timers on lights and radios to generate the illusion of the property being occupied.

Ensure milk and newspaper deliveries are stopped, also use mail storage services from Royal Mail.

Avoid declaring when your property will be empty on social media, you have no idea who may see this.

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security Services” panel_text=”We can offer several services to ensure your asset and building protection whilst you are away, some of which are:

  • Installation of vehicle tracker* on any vehicles left at property (Notifies if vehicle moves)
  • Ad-hock mobile officer visits
  • Temporary CCTV installation
  • Mail collection and storage facility ” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

* Vehicle Tracking with True Track

domestic security advice

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