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The growing acceptance of the use of illegal drugs has caused a rise in staffing problems for businesses and even legal action. A recent survey showed that 1 in 4 full-time workers will openly admit to working under the influence. It is now time that drug testing was introduced more and practical steps taken to reduce this high level of risk to your business.

Phil Green Security provides professional, confidential and comprehensive workplace drug testing services. By combining forces with one of the industry leading laboratories we can offer robust experience in testing, legally defensible results and the correct level of protection to your business should an employee formally dispute them for any reason.

Many businesses have Drug & Alcohol Policies in place, but fail to use them. A correctly structured workplace drug testing programme can help deter the use of drugs in the workplace, safeguarding your business and your employees. By ensuring the health of the workforce you can increase productivity, decrease costs and maintain a high reputation of your company. It will also ensure that your business is taking the appropriate steps to minimise the use of drugs within the workplace which defends against several laws and liabilities placed on all employers.

drug testing

Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 – It is an offence for any person knowingly to permit the production, supply or use of controlled substances on their premises except in specified circumstances (e.g. when they have been prescribed by a doctor)

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – section 2 – place a duty on an employer to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare at work of their employees.

Road Traffic Act 1988 – states that any person who, when driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle on a road or other public place, is unfit to drive through drink or drugs shall be guilty of an offence.

Transport and Works Act 1992 – makes it a criminal offence for certain workers to be unfit through drugs and/or drink while working on railways, tramways, and other guided transport systems.

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – places a duty on an employer to assess the risks to the health and safety of employees. This means an employer can be prosecuted if they knowingly allow an employee to continue working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and their behaviour places the employee themselves or others at risk.

Why choose Phil Green Security drug testing services?

  • We offer full drug testing policy guidance and updates
  • We offer both oral and urine testing solutions
  • Our Testing Officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Fast results following incidents to support investigations
  • Our testing officers are all vetted and meet BSI 7858
  • We provide a continual support network for clients
  • We use an independent laboratory for confirmation testing
  • We only use laboratories that are BSI & GLP accredited
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Collect sample

Sample Collection

Our Testing Officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is ideal if you need drug testing at short notice for random drug or ‘for cause’ post-incident testing.

Our Testing Officers follow robust procedures to ensure that chain of custody is not only maintained but is doubled up with a secondary record trail.

This means that our drug testing results are legally defensible. This becomes a necessity if the person being tested is likely to take legal action to contest the results of the drug test for any reason. We also go further to support our clients by offering guidance if any counter action takes place.

Testing for Drugs – Which to choose?


Saliva Oral Test – Faster to process

Type of TestCovered SubstancesDetection Times
Oral (Saliva)
6 in 1 Testing
- Cannabis
- Amphetamine
- Opiates
- Cocaine
- Methamphetamine
- Benzodiazepines
- Up to 14 hours after drug use
- Up to 72 hours after use
- Detectable for 7-21 hours
- Up to 24 hours after use
- Up to 72 hours after use
- Detection time vary

drug testing

Urine Test – More detection ability

Type of TestCovered SubstancesDetection Times
10 in 1 Testing
- Cannabis
- Cocaine
- Opiates
- Amphetamine
- Benzodiazepines
- Tramadol
- Ketamine
- Methadone
- Methamphetamine
- MDMA (Ecstasy)
- Up to 10/30 days Light/Heavy use
- Up to 5 days
- 2 to 4 days
- 1 to 3 days
- Dependant on substance
- 2 to 4 days (increased with use)
- 1 to 4 days
- 2 to 4 days
- Up to 72 hours
- 3 to 4 days

Please feel free to download our drug testing fact sheet
Drug Testing Fact Sheet

Confirmation Testing

In order to add a final layer of protection for our clients, we follow up all positive drug tests with a further laboratory-based confirmation test. During this time it is customary for the tested subject to be placed on suspension pending the results of the lab results.

By using a full chain of custody confirmation system, employers protect themselves from legal challenges following disciplinary proceedings.

Our labs are BSI accredited and use GS/MS analysis to ensure that the results are accurate beyond a reasonable doubt.