Escort Solutions Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance

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Escort Solutions Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance

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So as we see an ever-increasing rise in the movement of high value or high-risk goods around the UK road network, the need for security measures has increased. We at PGS have decided to look at Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance and how to choose the right escort solutions.

PGS has been relentless in its designing of both of our escort solutions and it is our belief that we have covered almost every possible requirement that our clients may have. We say ‘almost’ because at the end of the day; the world we live in os a very dynamic one and life will often throw up situations that may not be accounted for. However; PGS officers are all at the front of their profession and are able to call upon a collective of experience in security and protection, which enables them to deal with any situation that arises.

Let’s take a look at the Security Escort vs Escort Surveillance comparison chart.

Security Escort VS Escort Surveillance

Security Escort Escort Surveillance
Covert Vehicle Vehicle displays 'Security Escort' wording Escort Vehicle has no security markings
Uniformed Officers Officers will be in company uniform and visible during any stoppage periods during transportation Normally officers are in plain clothes to allow for surveillance effectiveness
Target Vehicle Informed of Escort Driver is aware of security escort and convoy rules are used for junctions etc The driver is not informed that he will be under surveillance. Other than if intervention is required, the driver will never be aware even after the operation is completed.
Target Vehicle Tracked Via True Track Driver and Escort work together to maintain formation GPS tracker is used during operation and offers all benefits of True Track service*
Video Recording of FULL movement Video footage is usually only taken if an incident occurs The full journey is recorded from start to finish
Escort Completion Certificate Full report and certification upon completion Full report and certification upon completion

Security Escort

As you can see from the table above; security escorts are overt and offer a high visibility deterrent. Normal procedures would include the driver of the vehicle to be followed being fully aware of the escort and would work in conjunction in order to minimise the risk of separation. During any rest periods; the PGS officers ensure that consignment is safe and secure by operating a constant guarding service. PGS staff will also step in at any point in which they are required and if needed; will record video and still images, along with statements and reports. This additional service is extremely useful in the event of a road traffic accident for example. PGS will always ensure that the driver’s safety and consignment security is at the forefront of any assignment.

escort solutions

Escort Surveillance

PGS escort surveillance is similar to the escort security service; however, the main difference between the two is the covert nature of the surveillance role. PGS officers will be dressed in plain clothes and follow the target in an unmarked vehicle. Unlike our security escort; when acting covertly, PGS will always attach a GPS tracker to the target vehicle. The purpose of the tracker is multi-fold; not only does it allow the client to monitor the movements in real time, it also allows PGS officers to know where the target is. Due to the nature of escort surveillance; drivers are often not aware that they are being followed and as such our officers lose the ability to work with the driver to minimise separation of the escort, our GPS trackers resolve this easily.

Another feature of the escort surveillance service is the provision of full video recording, this will detail the journey from start to finish. As with the security escort; our officers will step in at any point that the consignment security is put at risk, they will also step in at the request of the client if the driver’s safety is compromised. We only seek the permission of the client prior to intervention as to not jeopardise the surveillance by having the driver aware of our presence.

Which Escort Solutions to Choose

[accordian fields=”3″ accordian_title=”~Driver IS NOT identified as a risk~Driver IS identified as a risk~No direct threat but high-value consignment” accordian_text=”~An overt security escort would be the best option and a detailed escort plan developed with the driver’s input. Any of the tools that would be used during a covert assignment can be added to this service; GPS tracking for example. ~Covert escort surveillance is the better option if complete discretion is required. A GPS tracker is fitted to the vehicle and from that point forward; our team will proceed to follow and monitor the vehicle during transit. At every step; accurate reports are made to the client and sent via email, including a final assignment report upon completion. At all times the client has access to the GPS tracker for live monitoring.~Either escort solution can be used in this case, however for ease of service delivery an overt option maybe the best. “/]

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