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Escort Surveillance

Escort Surveillance is very similar to our Security Escort service offered by Phil Green Security with one major difference; all vehicles and operatives are unmarked and other than the client and escorting team, no one else is aware of the operation. Our escort surveillance provides not only our clients but also their customers with a continual robust security measure on their consignments. Operating from our head office in Hull, we can cover all areas of Yorkshire and the UK.

At times when haulage load values are becoming greater than ever; a solution is needed to ensure that nothing puts the valuable load at risk. There has been a rapid increase of load thefts be it whilst parked up resting, during loading/unloading times or even interference by the driving staff.

Escort Surveillance – Planning

The first step to any successful surveillance operation is planning and this is just as important when on the road. PGS will meet with the client prior to the date of transport and build a surveillance plan.

Our planning looks at covering such things as the destination, departure time, consignment description, possible risks and driver restrictions. It is also during the initial planning stage that PGS will discuss the equipment options to be used during the operation; this is essential as it dictates the form of reporting provided following completion.

True Track – Vehicle Tracking System

As part of our Escort Surveillance we also now incorporating the PGS True Track vehicle tracking systems, when and where appropriate as part of our baseline service.

True Track enables not only our client to monitor and track the movements of the target escort; but also allows us to ensure that we retain our 100% track rate. PGS has never lost an escort whilst working covertly and this is paramount to maintain our high level of service.

Clients can utilise a mixture of monitoring systems including Call to SMS report, the Smartphone App or our tracking web portal. PGS can also set up a mixture of Geo-Fences and movement alarms to allow for notifications at the start, during and conclusion of the movement.

True Track is also available as a separate service under True Track Vehicle Tracking.

Vehicle Tracking

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