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If you have suitable controls, then breaches should be rare, but they will still happen. When a breach does happen you are offered a unique opportunity to learn what went wrong and how best to prevent it in the future, but this can only happen by carrying out a methodical Incident Investigations. Phil Green Security is on hand to support clients throughout Hull and East Yorkshire 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, we are only a phone call away.

Incident Investigations give you the ability to identify the scale and extent of any security breaches and, importantly, enable a full root cause analysis to allow you to properly implement new controls were needed.

It is important that security incident investigations are carried out with the utmost care and sensitivity, especially if there is a chance that the breach may be from inside your business, and it is often better to use an independent party.

Security incident investigations should not be confused with disciplinary investigations or police investigations, although there is some overlap and occasionally a security Incident Investigation will lead to one of the others. Security Incident Investigations do not always have to involve people and should always look to determining the cause rather than assigning blame or punishment.

PGS Incident Photography

The most significant improvement to an incident investigation has been the addition of different media which is used to record the incident. PGS investigators are able to offer a complete photographic solution to assist and document photo evidence during an investigation.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’… a common phrase which can be said when using images during any investigation. Every scope of investigation from a Health & Safety accident through to a security incident can benefit from the use of photographic evidence collection. Sadly more often than not; internal investigations are carried out by members of staff who may only have access to a low-quality camera or even just the use of a smartphone and the end result is images which cannot stand up to scrutiny or be used in a court of law.

By setting the benchmark high; PGS can ensure all images not only meet but exceed the basic requirements for any usage from the boardroom to a courtroom.

Incident Photography

Incident Investigation

PGS Statement Recording

Statements are often rushed during investigations and more importantly lack the important information required. The writing of statements can be a very time-consuming task and it is important to capture all the necessary information in a swift, but precise manner to avoid having to repeat the procedure.

Many statements are self-written; by design lack the information and format required to be both police and court accepted. PGS can assist by not only ensuring all the correct formats are completed but more importantly that every detail is recorded in depth. Our statement process is also complemented by video and audio recording when required.

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