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Individual Audits

Individual Audits are sometimes called upon to resolve a known issue or when a full audit may not be needed. Phil Green Security has the ability to break down the main audit stack into different key areas; of which are then able to be audited individually.
Key Audit

Inspection of KeyPress
Comparison of Key Register & Key Press
Identification of missing keys
User level access and log inspection
Training Audit

Review of training matrix
Review of current training methods
Training transparency review
Procedure Audit

Inspection of document control
Archive & Document Review
Review of possible procedure weaknesses
Identification of missing or outdated procedures
Observation of correct procedure application
Duty Personnel Audit

SIA License & Compliance Checks
Appearance & Professional Outlook
Random Procedure Questioning
Incident Report Audit

Review of latest incident reports
Police & Court compatibility review
Review of follow-up preventative actions
Site Overview Survey

Perimeter integrity audit
Access Control system audit
Patrol freq. & route review
Patrol equipment review
CCTV Audit

Blind spot mapping
Functionality review
Evidence chain & log review
Data Protection compliance review
Duty Visit Auditing

Officer Spot Checks (Day and /or Night)
Site Probing

Any aspect of physical security can be audited and PGS uses dynamic techniques to ensure that each audit is tailored to your needs.

The above table also shows what areas our Continual Audit Programme and Compliance Level Audit covers.

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