Inside PGS – Whats behind our client portal

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Inside PGS – Whats behind our client portal

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client photoAnyone who has been to the PGS website will soon realise that we are just as mad about tech as we are security and one of our priorities is to give our clients as many toys to play with as possible. Inside PGS – Whats behind our client portal; will give you an inside view of what our clients benefit from when using PGS services. We always stand by our motto ‘… because our clients get more’.

What is available on the client portal?

  • Incident Reports
  • Shift Logs
  • Information Documents
  • Contract Documents
  • Health & Safety Policies

  • PLI
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Assignment Instructions
  • Meeting Booking Service

Login & Explore

client portal
When you arrive at the website; our clients simply select ‘Client Portal’ and are taken to a login page.

The client will be provided with a username and password at the start of any assignment or contract. Once inside all details can be edited from passwords to addresses, we give the client full control.



Once on the site; the client is presented with a dashboard which is designed to show the most recent 10 documents. Along the top of the dashboard is a navigation menu which is used to access the client’s dedicated section of the site.



Booking Tab


Under the booking tab is the appointment booking system for our clients to request meeting direct. The largest benefit of this system is our clients can view our availability and fit the meeting around their workflow. The calendar is automatically updated ensuring that the shown meeting slots are available.

Section 1 – Used to make appointments by selecting a date and then a time slot.

Section 2 – Shows currently booked appointments. At this time our clients are able to book up to 3 meetings in advance.




File Manager Tab

The File Manager tab displays all documents available to the logged in client. The only access is granted for documents that belong to the client and documents are not shared between clients. As a result, the file manager will only display the documents owned by the client. Once a document is selected from this panel; the client will be taken to a download page that allows the client to retrieve the document.

Section 1 – This is a tiled display of all the documents owned by the logged in client.

Section 2 – Gives three different ways to filter the documents by Catagories, Date or Creator.

My Account Tab

client portal


The final tab is for account maintenance; including editing details.

The options given are:

  • Account Details – Shows current recorded details held on file.
  • Edit Account – Allows the client to edit their own details including changing the password and updating addresses.
  • Logout – Well I think this is an obvious one…




Forever building our client portal

As you can see we offer several benefits to our clients; be it immediate access to reports, 24/7 access to documents or even an ‘on-demand’ meeting booking service. We are constantly working on our back office and will continue to build upon our existing tools to improve our client’s experience.

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