Never Underestimate The Influence Of A Good Security Uniform


Never Underestimate The Influence Of A Good Security Uniform

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Traditional security uniform is generally made up of a white or blue pilot shirt, dress trousers and clip-on tie. At PGS we have decided to take a look at security uniforms and how they can enjoy a much-needed update.

The Traditional Security Uniform LookSecurity Uniform

So let us begin with a brief look at a standard security uniform:

  1. White or Blue Pilot Shirt (Cardboard Collar mandatory)
  2. Clip-on Tie
  3. Black Trousers (Sometimes Charcoal if cheaper)
  4. Safety Boots (Also known as ‘chucker’ boots)
  5. Thick Wool Jumper (This is mostly in Summer)
  6. Epaulettes (Not so common, but it should be on the list)

For many years the traditional security uniform has consisted of the listed items, this leads to an easily identifiable security officer. When correctly maintained; the combination of pressed white shirt along with creased trousers can provide a very professional and authoritative presence. Yet, the traditional style is also very dated and if not cleaned, pressed and most importantly fitted properly; it can make even the most professional officer look second rate.

So let’s have a look at the Pros and Con’s of the traditional uniform…

If fitted, clean and pressed; can look smartNot Practical
Stands out in most environments Easily Dirtied
Is accepted by general public as the 'security' lookHard to Size for
Generally more expensive then alternatives

Formulating the Argument

Ok so before I jump in with the next section of this award winning article; I need to explain my thought process and more over, how I believe the security industry needs to modernise quickly.

In order for me to explain easier; I need to call upon an example and the best example is police uniform and its changes over the past years. Now before anyone shoots me down; I do not believe that security officers are in anyway the same as police officers, but I do see that many situations or environments are shared between the two professions.

1998 Police UniformSecurity Uniform

If compared; the 1998 police uniform is a good baseline for where security uniforms are at today. The officers are wearing the white pilot shirt, clip-on tie and (you guessed it) the dress trousers. Some forces in the UK still adopt this style of uniform; however, the majority have taken a more practical step.

Current Police Uniform (Most Forces)

Security Uniform

Currently, police uniforms have adapted to improve comfort to the wearer and also the practicality needed during long shifts. Now 100% polyester ‘wicking’ fabric shirts replace the white pilot shirts. Dress trousers have been replaced with pre-stitched black combat trousers; which also include thigh pockets and finally, the old fashioned duty shoes have been replaced with the more tactical Magnum boot. (Please also note… good bye clip-on tie)

The addition of body armour is an area that will be cover further on in this article.

In order to close of the comparison between the policing uniforms; the traditional style was swapped out for the more comfortable and practical option.



Security Uniform Revised

Security officers need to benefit from a similar update to that of what police officers have enjoyed. There is a degree of separation within the security industry as uniforms must also be suited to the type of client or contract being serviced. In this article; we will cover corporate and site security officers.

Corporate Security OfficersSecurity Uniform

Corporate security officers (also known as ‘front of house’) often carry out reception duties and are normally based at an entrance point to offices or blue chip buildings. Although the primary role is always that of security; corporate security officers often carry out secondary duties such as postal delivery and collection, telephony services and health & safety checks.


  1. White shirt
  2. Company Tie
  3. Blazer with company logo
  4. Dress trousers
  5. Smart / polished dress shoes


Site Security Officers

Site security officers are normally on commercial sites, often involve external patrolling and have a need for equipment whilst carrying out their role. So what would be the best direction for the uniform? Well for this we need to take a lead from the police’s own update… (Don’t get too excited!)Security Uniform

  1. Polo or Wicking T-Shirt
  2. Black Trousers (Pre-Stitched crease)
  3. Black Boots – Tactical in nature (Safety grade)

Optional Extras

  • Body Armour (This is a debate for another time)
  • Duty Belt (Carry as little as needed)
  • Sunglasses (Yes I look cool, but they are also practical on sunny days)
  • Radio Earpiece (In ear is always the best option) [Article coming soon on how you can use these for your phone via bluetooth]


What uniform is issued to a companies staff is always going to be a subjective topic, but we can only hope that the security industry wakes up and moves into modern times. As a collective industry we need to move away from the old fashioned, ill fitting and drab uniforms and become more ‘tactical’; not to impersonate the police, but instead; realise that they have moved towards practicality and we need to do the same.

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