Phil Green Security

No Trace No Fee Policy

This policy defines when no fee will apply under the general terms of a tracing service that has been completed and as a result, has returned a none positive match.

1, To proceed on a no trace no fee basis, the client is required to have all of the following information available:

  • Full name – (no variations of spellings)
  • Full last UK address (within 5 years)
  • DOB (Date of Birth) – (no variations)

We are not able to carry out traces on a no trace no fee basis if all of the 3 points above are not available.

2, This policy can only be enacted under a general trace. Limited Information traces or Deep traces are not covered by the policy or any terms covered by the policy.

3, In any form of trace there is an accuracy percentage given; in order to qualify for this policy, the percentage must have been returned at a value of 65% or less.

4, No Fee is to only cover the trace fee that Phil Green Security sets and is referred to as the ‘agreed’ fee in other documents. Any fee that is encountered during the trace that is above and beyond ‘normal’ service is still chargeable.

5, This policy is open for amendment by Phil Green Security and any discretion is provided by Phil Green Security only.