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Person Trace Service

Our person trace service is the process of locating an individual anywhere within the Uk from information supplied to us by a client.

Hull-based Phil Green Security is able to offer a range of tracing solutions and serve clients by locating debtors, missing persons, absconding tenants, witnesses, missing family and various types of people that do and do not want to be found.

Through experience and utilising some of the largest databases in the country we are able to locate individuals, run background checks or even carry out pre-employment screening. All person trace service assignments are handled in the strictest of confidence and the party being traced will never be aware of the process.

What do we need?

Ideally, PGS will need as much information as possible; however, this is not always possible. At the most basic level; a selection of the following would be enough to begin the process:

  • First & Last Name
  • Middle Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Previous Address
  • Place of Work
  • Relatives Address
  • Any info connected with the person to be traced

What can we provide?

At the minimum, PGS will provide the current address of the traced individual; along with a report containing all required release paperwork for disclosure.

However, in many cases, we can offer further information such as; mobile numbers, landline numbers and email addresses linked to the individual.This is, of course; all dependant on a combination of information provided at the start of the trace and also how much the individual is living ‘off grid’.

Trace Report

How much does it cost?

This will all depend on the amount of information we are provided at the start of the person trace service. In simple terms the more information we can work with, the fewer investigation processes need to be implemented; this is a major cost saving.

As a guide range, we would advise a cost of £20.00 at the lower end and £70 – £100 for a limited information trace. As you can see the scale is varied; but we will always work with a client to try and keep all costs to a minimum.

No Fee No Trace

At Phil Green Security we also offer a No Trace No Fee coverage on certain trace services; Terms of this policy can be reviewed on our No Trace No Fee Policy page.

Missing Person or Cold Trace Cases

When dealing with missing persons or cold trace cases; the person trace service becomes more in-depth. From the start of the process, our officers will use a series of interview techniques in order to gain as much information as possible from the client requesting the trace.

This may seem like a slight overkill, but due to the very nature of the assignment we need to gain as much information as possible and even small irrelevant pieces can help.

As well as the standard information; we will also look to gain an idea of possible hangouts and areas that the trace person may frequent. We will also adopt many of our surveillance techniques to assist in the investigation. In many occasions, it will become necessary to carry out location visits and speak with third parties.

During these periods all information is kept confidential and Phil Green Security will never disclose information regarding the client.

Due to the complex nature of cold trace cases; we are unable to give a set costing, however, the client will always be involved in the decision-making and contacted prior to any added cost implication.

Interested in finding out more?

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