Who is Phil Green Security?

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Who is Phil Green Security?

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Over the past few weeks; I am sure that you have seen several of our articles pop up and even a few status shares… Well, I am going to take this opportunity to introduce PGS and answer the question of “Who is Phil Green Security?”

Who is Phil Green?

Before looking at PGS as a company; I think it is best to address who Phil Green is… Ok, if you haven’t realised by now; it is me, the crazy guy who keeps writing these articles. However, I am also the driving force behind PGS.

I entered the security industry as a normal site based officer for a medium-sized security company. It was during this time that I moved into a house with seven other security officers who also worked for the same company; all seven came from Poland. Before I go any further; I would like to say that during this period of my life was some of the best times I have had and held my friendship with my housemates very close. It really was an amazing time; I was working all hours (and getting paid by the hour!), I was eating Polish food (I love my food) and of course there was also the ‘non-optional’ vodka drinking.

Getting back on track…

So back to my security career, as stated I worked many hours during my first 12 months or so in security and was privileged to cover many different types of work from high-risk sites, to building sites and front of house positions to a lonely cabin next to a river in the middle of nowhere… I was looking after 2 pipes that were cemented in and would be near impossible to move… Still, money is money and I did 2 12hour shifts on that site, it was bliss. However, all good things come to an end and eventually, I returned to Hull and was thrown into a completely different world when it came to the security industry.

Upon returning to Hull I spent the next several years working on many types of contract that I had previously covered and even managed to work my way up to a management level; looking after a medium sized contract with a substantially sized security team. If I am honest it was during this period that the idea of Phil Green Security began its development in earnest. So I suppose it is time for me to move on to that aspect of my life and stop trying to reminisce about the good days and more to the point that Polish food…

phil green securitySo…

Who is Phil Green Security?

Again I must stress; before I start, this is not a sales pitch… More of an introduction and brief over view of what services we cover and where I am hoping to be as time rolls on.

Phil Green Security is a Hull based security provider; which came about whilst working under different companies and also after seeing how some of the larger companies are holding the industry back (insert funny quote about Olympics). At the risk of blowing my own trumpet; I have always had a very strong work ethic; which has developed even stronger over time. My ethic is simple by design and I am going to share it with you…

“Each client is as important as the next and the one before. The client is the one who is in charge

at all times and most importantly, a client who is smiling is a client who is not shouting”

Although this may seem simple to many reading this post; these points are some of the ground basics that many companies within the industry have forgotten over time. No matter the reason; be it money, lack of effort or just general ignorance, the client is king and the one in charge at the end of the day.

I approach Phil Green Security with exactly the same work ethic as I approached my first ever shift in security; take pride in the service you give and always go that extra mile to maintain your client’s happiness.

If you take a look at our range of services; you will see that although not directly obvious, the whole spectrum is geared towards maximising solutions for our clients.

The Services

Let’s start by looking at Security Officers

If you are going to offer a static service, would it not be logical to also offer smaller clients; Mobile Officers, as well? or even for clients whose needs may not require a static officer on site?

The same can also be said about our Surveillance services, from that came Escort Surveillance; for clients who need transport monitoring. This also introduced Vehicle Tracking, a service that can either compliment escort surveillance or even replace it on some occasions; resulting in a lower cost for the client.

Conclusion (finally)

The point I am trying to make with this post is not that we are offering the same services as some of the other companies out there, but we take pride in our delivery and more to the point, we are dedicated to our clients and not to our turnover. If there is anything you take away from this post; then please let it be this…

If at any point in the future you are in need of any of the services we offer, please get in touch and let us show you what can really be achieved when you partner with a truly professional and dedicated security company such as Phil Green Security.

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Philip Green

Phil Green is a security specialist who makes your security needs his personal mission. Utilising knowledge, equipment and a very strong work ethic; Phil does not settle for anything but the best for his clients. Phil can often be found on the front line with his staff carrying out assignments including security, investigation and surveillance roles.

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