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Re-writing standards in the security industry

The future of security services is here today – thanks to the client-centred approach being taken by Phil Green Security. It offers customers complementary services to provide the complete security solution, maximising asset protection cost-effectively while significantly raising client satisfaction levels.

Building strong relationships with clients is at the core of the Yorkshire-based company’s drive to improve the UK’s security ‘offer’. As well as providing traditional security services locally, Phil Green Security goes the extra mile to offer security auditing, effective UK-wide surveillance and investigation solutions.

“We offer the complete security solution for businesses and individuals,” says Head of Services and Operation, Phil Green. “We are passionate about supporting our clients and that is why many of our services can be applied to multiple departments across the same business, such as statement writing which is of huge benefit to HR professionals and managers when carrying out investigations or disciplinary processes.”

Mr Green, who is the founder of Phil Green Security, says he has created a business that is really different. “The industry is obsessed with large companies that can – and do – fail their clients but go on to win contract after contract,” he says. “For the security sector as a whole to improve, this practice must stop and the full focus of contracts placed on the top priority – customers’ needs and their needs only.”

Clients’ security is paramount – that is why Phil Green Security has developed an ultra-secure website with a login portal for clients. It is designed to offer each client a secure area to access documents and reports, and to strengthen customers’ complete confidence in the business.”

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Editor’s note: Phil Green is available for interview. Pictures available on request.