Remote Tools for Security


Remote Tools for Security

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In many of PhilGreenSecurity articles, we have looked at physical systems or policies behind effective operations. However, the time has now come to take a look at Remote Tools for Security. The security industry is varied and has many specialist areas in which to explore, one of which is the rising use of remote tools and equipment. PGS utilises some of the systems we are going to look at for Security, Surveillance, Auditing and Investigation services.


If you wish to have a closer look at any of the systems or interested on deploying them, contact PGS to arrange a meeting.


Remote Tools – For TrackingRemote Tools trackerinfo

GPS trackers are a great tool for… well tracking; but did you know that they come in many versions with varied outputs. PGS use two main types of tracker during standard operations, which are:

  • SMS Tracker – This is a lower end tracker which once active and in place is accessed via SMS messages. These trackers are relatively low cost and other than ensuring that the sim-card has sufficient credit; no further outlay is required.

  • PC Platform Tracker – Very similar to the above tracker; this one too runs off commands. However, instead of relying upon raw coordinates or links to google maps, a PC platform is used to monitor the information output. This form of tracker benefits from scheduled or timed broadcasts, meaning you can set and forget whilst still recording accurate location data.


Remote Tools – For Image/Video Gathering

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words; how about a video? At PGS we also believe that there is no better way to record evidence and monitor movements then using video and image capturing technology. As with many of our other technology based tools; we utilise two types of equipment.OutDoorVideoCam

  • Remote Static Image Camera – Often used when monitoring needs to be spread over a mid to long term period; image cameras can benefit from longer battery life and low storage needs.


  • Remote Motion Image Camera – PGS motion cameras are a formidable tool in the area of both security and surveillance alike. Our video capturing is in HD format and is also able to be played back in situ either on the device or with a laptop. We have also taken advantage of GSM technology which enables remote login to retrieve footage or alert SMS and email notifications. Although battery life and storage needs some times limits the length of deployment; a video is the perfect form of evidence gathering and ensures court defence ability.


Remote Tools – For Movement Detection

Movement detection is a major part of site or area based security and until we develop extra eyes; it is difficult to monitor many areas at once. PGS has a solution in the form of mobile PIR detection systems. These systems can be set up to either activate a local alarm in deterrent mode or even go that one step further by sending SMS notifications. By once again returning to GSM technology; our PIR systems can send images and alerts to one or several pre-designated numbers.


So this has been a brief look at some of the autonomous equipment that is utilised by PGS on a daily basis. There are more and more products entering the market and we will keep pushing ahead to ensure our clients are getting the best on the market.

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