Review of August 2017

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Review of August 2017

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Following a constructive month; we at PGS that a review of August 2017 to recap on some of the mile stones and articles that we are proud to have developed.

Review of August 2017 – Website

  • Client Portal integration – This allows for each of our clients to log in to a secure area and access digital versions of documents. This has decreased waiting time and increased productivity; especially when delivering incident reports and other none scheduled event records.
  • Additional Services – PGS has added several additional services to our website which were missing. These are Security Escort, Search Team and Escort Surveillance. Although we have been providing these services for some time, they had not been added to our online presence.
  • Training Launched – PGS is a support of improving the security industry and as such; we have taken steps to provide a Continual Professional Development department. Two robust courses are already available; Security Officer Refresher & Auditing for Success and moving forward we have several more in development. Working with both officers and service providers, we hope to help push the industry to the level of professional recognition it deserves.


Review of August 2017 – Articles

With a late start to publishing during August; we still managed to release five in-depth articles.

  1. Never under estimate the influence of a good security uniform – We take a look at the old fashioned approach to security uniform and see if it is still practical in today’s environment.
  2. Penetration testing the old fashioned way – A brief look at how we can use a simple method to measure the performance of our physical security.
  3. Bomb threat policy When was yours last reviewed – This article looks at an often forgotten document; the Bomb Threat Policy. After exploring different aspects of the policy, we even provide you with a template to bring yours into line with current standards.
  4. Operational Requirement Level 1 – Looking at the first half of the operational requirement process; breaking it down into easily understood chunks. The only way to ensure that cost and needs are balanced out in an analytical manner.
  5. Continual Professional Development for Security – To coincide with the launch of the PGS training department, we take a look at how the newly CDP for security is developing and how it is going to help us in the future.

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So that is a brief look at what developments and articles PGS have been working hard on over August 2017.

Stay tuned and visit soon to see what else we have on offer

Did you read our article about Bomb Threat Policy – When Was Yours Last Reviewed?

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