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Security Escort

Security Escort services are provided when that last step is needed in the security cycle. Many times businesses can fail to identify transportation as a potential security risk and often this is the time when security is at its minimum. Phil Green Security based in Hull, East Yorkshire offers a cost-effective solution to reduce risk and increase the level of security even when on the move. Our clients can range from single individuals who need protection whilst travelling from A to B; through to national haulage companies who require us to overtly or covertly escort high-value consignments.

Security Escort – Officers

Our security officers (drivers) are professional in appearance and work ethic who also excel in driver expertise. With thousands of operational miles covered; each driver has a clean license and is trained to the same high standard in security measures as our site based operatives.  All officers carrying out assignments for Phil Green Security are first aid qualified to level 3 and undergo continual development to ensure a continual increase in the skillset that can be called upon.

Just like our vehicles; officers can either be in uniform and identifiable (overt) or dressed in smart casual (covert) as to not draw attention whilst operating. Covert officers are generally used when escorting larger vehicles without the transport drivers knowledge; this is known as escort surveillance.

Security Escort – Vehicles

PGS can call upon a selection of vehicles in order to service our client’s needs, all of which can be overt or covert in nature.

Our vehicles that are used most for escort work are unmarked; something that many of our clients prefer.

Our Promise

Smile You’re on Camera

During all security escort work, a full complement of technology can be called upon to ensure our client’s needs are fulfilled. All vehicles are fitted with HD quality dash-mounted cameras that will be used to record the assignment movements from start to finish. Phil Green Security can also utilise the use of GPS trackers; often used when carrying out escort work from a separate vehicle to the clients. Trackers remove the risk of losing the vehicle in traffic or at junctions; this enables PGS to have a 100% completion rate. Clients are also provided with means to check the tracker during the operation.

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