How small security providers can outperform

David vs Goliath

How small security providers can outperform

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small security providersAfter a week of talking to potential clients; one question seems to be reoccurring… Why should we go with small security providers? Well, we are going to address this question and if we can see how small security providers can outperform the bigger ones; David vs Goliath!

As with many of our articles, we will speak from the view of our own services and how Phil Green Security adapts to deliver to our own clients. We will take the time to look at aspects which are client based and would affect service quality. So let’s begin…

Customer Focus

[panel panel_heading=”Large Company” panel_text=”Senior management usually not directly in contact with the client and in many cases will not be aware of the lower contract value clients existence.

(In the security industry a contract up to £1.5 million, would still be classed as low value to larger providers) ” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security” panel_text=”Each and every client has contact with everyone within the management line; however, the sole point of contact is usually Phil Green, the owner.

PGS does not address any contract as low value and gives all clients complete dedication.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Dedicated Services

[panel panel_heading=”Large Company” panel_text=”In order to maximise turnover and in turn; profit, many large companies will try and cover many different aspects of security. This could be manned guarding, CCTV installation, access control installation… the list goes on.

The term ‘all of your eggs in one basket’ comes to mind.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security” panel_text=”PGS will always work to service any needs that a client may have. However, when we are asked for something that deviates from our main core of services, we do the only thing you can do… Call in the specialists! PGS has spent many years building a network of small partnerships that we are able to call upon.
This means if a client requires something like CCTV installation; for example, we would call in a CCTV specialist company. As a result; we can offer many possibilities to our clients without spreading our expertise thinly.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Industry Knowledge

[panel panel_heading=”Large Company” panel_text=”Staff training is restricted as dedication is given to filling spaces on a rota Much recruitment is carried out in a group format and individuals are not encouraged to progress. Seat fillers and bums on seats is the key.

As long as a member of staff has an SIA license then they can do the job… ” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security” panel_text=”Every member of staff is recruited on a 1 to 1 basis, normally by Phil Green. From the first day; all officers are encouraged to train on each area of core service that PGS offers.

Also, a comprehensive CPD programme is maintained throughout the member of staffs career with PGS.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Customisation of Service

[panel panel_heading=”Large Company” panel_text=”Client has to adapt to the provider…
When dealing with larger companies, clients will find that they are soon presented with pre-defined procedures and any variants are of course chargeable.

Normally service level agreements, assignments instructions, contracts and even day to day documents are generic and this prevents true optimisation for that specific client.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security” panel_text=”Provider wants to adapt to the client…
A small security providers tend to have more flexibility for their clients. PGS work with the clients from the very start and adapt every aspect to meet their needs.

We are not a generic company and as such we do not provide generic services.
Our mission statement is to maintain a small selection of clients who can benefit from maximum resource allocation.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Response and Accountability

[panel panel_heading=”Large Company” panel_text=”When the client needs an ad-hock meeting to address issues, they will have to wait for a ‘free’ spot. However, that is on the grounds that they can wade through the mountains of managers and supervisors to be able to speak with someone who may actually care.

Sadly, I have been witness to some cases in which the client has had to threaten termination just to speak with a manager about an additional raise in manning level! That’s right, the client wanted to give the large provider more business, but had to fight to give them it…” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Phil Green Security” panel_text=”All of PGS clients are provided with the required contact details for their contracts manager, but moreover; they also get a direct line to Phil Green, the company owner.

Part of the PGS ethos is that every person from top to bottom is in place to ensure that our clients are happy, no one is above front line working” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Summary on Small Security Providers

Ok so let’s face it; your average small security providers are not going to be awarded contracts for things such as the Olympics (which was messed up) or to provide security services for private prisons (which have been subject to escapes and brutal treatments). However, when you want a highly dedicated and responsive service, then only a small security provider can offer this and you should give them a chance.

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