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Stop cookie cutter security by Phil Green

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cookie cutter securityThere is a big secret that I would like to share with you; most security companies treat each client exactly the same. Now I need to clarify that a little; when I say ‘treat’ each client the same, I mean in ways of service provisions. I will explain in this article how you are being let down by many security providers and what cookie cutter security really means.

Cookie Cutter Security – Is this familiar?

How to sell a dream

In my years of working in the security industry and even before Phil Green Security became a reality, I spent many hours in client meetings and contract reviews. During these times I was able to observe the behaviour of the lesser spotted contract manager, whilst in its natural habitat. Now I will be honest; at first, they appear to be creatures of complexity and grace; however, this is far from the truth.

Ok; so I need to stop addressing contract managers as some sort of wild animal; but, the context is more accurate then you may think.

During the acquisition stage, many clients are sold the golden dream of having access to a contracts manager, of which will be on call for the client no matter the issue or time of day. Of course, it will always be thrown in that the contracts manager will adapt the offered services to the client’s needs and that any extra training required for the site will also be carried given to the officers prior to working on the contract. If recruitment is required; the client will be advised that all potential candidates will be heavily screened with the client’s needs in mind and that only the ‘right’ people will be hired.

Moving on to the paper side of things… The client will be reassured that all health & safety paperwork will be completed inline with the assignment instructions and adapted to meet the requirements of the client’s site. This, of course, will only apply for paperwork that is supposed to be adapted to each contract individually and not set policy documents of the security provider. A great example of paperwork that is included in this section would be risk assessments and also client specific sections of the assignment instructions.

Eat – Sleep – Convince – Repeat

So once you have been sold the dream (as noted above); and you have decided to sign on that dotted line, can you sit back and relax?

training photoWell truthfully no, firstly you should expect to only see a contracts manager at review meetings and possibly if you threaten termination; otherwise, it will probably become an email only relationship. Now you really cannot be upset at your contracts manager; at the end of the day, they will have a portfolio of sites to look after and spend many hours each day firefighting from multiple clients. So what can reduce the stress that your CM faces? Well, that’s easy… every other aspect noted above is just carbon copied from all the other contracts; cookie cutter security in action.

Let’s take the already discussed aspects and see how they normally transpire…

Tailored Services – This is too time-consuming for the busy contracts manager, so an easier workaround will usually be put in place. The workaround is often to match the client’s requirements to what the provider can put in place quickly; patrol frequency; for example, everything else can fade into the ether. (cookie cutter security)

Site Specific Training – So this is even easier to erode and is usually accomplished by setting a timeline in place that is able to be constantly pushed back. Generally, this is a tactic that many providers will use in order to avoid admitting to a client that they have no intention of delivering on many promises.

Recruitment – Often overlooked by clients; where do I start? Group recruitment, interviews in McDonald’s, uniform already bagged up before the interview, telephone only interviews… I have seen all sorts of strange practices in the industry. This is a large irritation with me and the future of the industry is being affected by these practices. It is impossible to dismiss the evidence that the industry can not progress whilst unprofessional companies are flooding the ground levels with unsuitable people. A connected consequence of this practice is the term ‘shirt fillers’ and ‘bums on seats’; attitudes that should never be taken when trying to exceed client satisfaction.

Risk Assessments – Simply photocopy the generic RA and apply… I am not joking; I have been on sites when the RA’s have mentioned lifts; but, the site is all single storey or taking about warehouse forklift traffic; when working a building site contract. (cookie cutter security)

Assignment Instructions – Although many aspects of the assignment instructions are generic and will also include the provider’s policies as well; clients should remember the reason they are deployed. The site AI’s should stand as a manual for any daily or high possibility event, also what to do in the event of certain incidents. However many providers will deploy AI’s that cover the minimal information and only include core duties such as patrols. This document is highly important as if something is not addressed in the AI’s, then strictly speaking the provider is not forced to ensure it is acted on. (cookie cutter security)

[panel panel_heading=”Role of a Contracts Manager” panel_text=” Reading the information so far you may be wondering what a contract manager does do… This is an art form of lying and convincing and believe it or not, it will normally be in the direction of the client.

When the time comes that the client has a valid concern and raises it with the CM; they will often be sidestepped with lip service and put all effort in convincing the client that everything is really Ok.

Sadly this is also used when addressing SLA breaches, failings of officers or the provider and any other ‘none’ positive discussion that is carried out with the client.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-red”/]

[panel panel_heading=”Don’t worry salvation is here!” panel_text=”Phil Green Security operates a strict ethos with regards to our clients will always come first. We involve the client in every aspect of service delivery and will only ever remove a duty on the request of the client. Phil Green Security believes in providing truly tailored service and we settle for nothing less than 100% client satisfaction.

We operate a unique management structure that ensures that all clients have access to all levels of the management chain. If there is ever a need for the client to speak with Phil Green direct, that is not a problem as each client is given direct contact details to him.

We also operate a client’s based appointment booking system within our client portal, this allows for the client to be the decision maker on when meetings should take place. Phil Green Security … because our clients get more!” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

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