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So we all know that Phil Green Security is a proud Yorkshire company and as such; we are going to cover why we believe that businesses should not only support their local security provider but, can also benefit from it.

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What are the options?

Any security service user (or client) has the choice of either contracting locally or to go with a large national provider. On the face of it; there can be some ‘positives’ for going with the large provider companies, but these do come at a cost. National providers generally will not dedicate resources to what they class as “low value” contracts and as previously covered in other articles, this can be anything up to £2 or £3 million. National providers often deal with contract values in excess of the £4million mark and anything less will usually be treated with the ‘Cookie Cutter‘ approach.

If we move away from the monetary aspect for a moment; national providers will often have head offices based some distance away from the client’s site and only in some cases may have a regional office within the same county. However, they do have a way of getting around this for tenders etc… and that is to use an existing clients site as a temporary area office and will often run most activities within that client’s gatehouse.

So when talking about national providers it would be easy for me to mention little miss haps such as The Olympics and how many prisoners have escaped from these national ‘security’ specialist companies, but you all know me by now and being bitchy is not my thing. However, you should keep this in mind when looking at the level of professionalism of these large providers. This now brings us to the elephant in the room; officer quality, well I really don’t know where to start on this part. Quite often the recruitment process for these large staff hungry providers is a fast based process and the term ‘quantity over quality’ is king.

What can a local security provider bring to the table?

A local security provider will bring one main positive, dedication. If you are the client and your security contract weighs in at below £1million; then don’t worry as even to a medium-sized local security provider, this will be large enough to demand their complete attention. I will assure you now that many local providers will jump through hoops to sever clients on even the smallest of contract values.

With regards to head offices, regional offices and control rooms… these are nearly always the same building for the smaller providers. Due to the logistics of modern cities; this leads to fast and concentrates response times which can be handy if you need to call ad-hock review meetings or even require extra coverage.

Talking about coverage; it is commonplace for the managing director or sole owner of smaller local providers to know each of their staff members by name. This style of business structure tends to lead the way in the security industry as we all operate on a level of loyalty and trust with our staff members. It also goes without saying that when a company has a smaller workforce, it benefits from a closer working relationship with their employer and in turn means a low staff turnover. Many nationals have permanent recruitment adverts on web-based job sites, this is to try and keep on top of the constant fall in retention.

[panel panel_heading=”Little Secret” panel_text=”So when you go with one of the large national providers and they sell you on all their accreditations, staff training and ability to deliver 100% coverage… Would you like to know something?

All national providers have agreements with the smaller local security providers to work on a subcontract basis. Quite often you are paying a premium for a service that you could have received direct, usually at a much smaller charge rate.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]


If you want a dedicated and passionate security service that you can have as much or as little involvement as you want then your local security provider is the only way to go. You can benefit from all the positives that having an in-house security department can bring, without any of the hassles.

However, if you would like to experience vast staff turn over, mainly of university students and not career driven officers; then the Nationals are the ones for you. Let’s be fair if you had The Olympics as a client, I am sure you would also want to make a huge mess of it and embarrass yourself too (this is a joke of course).

In order to finish off this article; I would like to invite you to read our latest press release. We have put our heart on our sleeve and speak frankly about what Phil Green Security is aiming to bring that will blow the national providers out of the market.

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