Trace anyone in the UK with Phil Green Security

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Trace anyone in the UK with Phil Green Security

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Phil Green Security has had a recent influx of requests for Person Tracing. With a professional and dedicated solution, Phil Green Security gives you the chance to trace anyone in the UK.

Our person trace service is the process of locating an individual anywhere within the Uk from information supplied to us by a client.

Phil Green Security is able to offer a range of tracing solutions and serve clients by locating debtors, missing persons, absconding tenants, witnesses, missing family and various types of people that do and do not want to be found.

Through experience and utilising some of the largest databases in the country we are able to locate individuals, run background checks or even carry out pre-employment screening. All person trace service assignments are handled in the strictest of confidence and the party being traced will never be aware of the process.

[panel panel_heading=”What information do we use?” panel_text=”A good rule of thumb is alway the more information the better; however, Phil Green Security can often work with a very limited amount.

The information can consist of:

– First & Last Name

– Middle Name

– Date of Birth

– National Insurance Number

– Previous Address

– Place of Work

– Relatives

Address Any other info connected with the person to be traced” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

[panel panel_heading=”What we can provide” panel_text=”We are able to discover many forms of information; however, this is all dependant if it exists in the first place. (For Example; if someone has never had a landline phone number, then we would not be able to supply a landline number)

(For Example; if someone has never had a landline phone number, then we would not be able to supply a landline number)

– Dead of Alive

– Address

– Phone Numbers

– Email Addresses

– Business Interests

And whatever other recorded information that is contained on our resource databases.” panel_color=”enigma_panel-blue”/]

Trace Anyone Using No Trace No Fee

Phil Green Security also includes a ‘No Trace No Fee’ policy for many of its person trace solutions.

Although no trace can be given an accuracy rating of 100%; but what we do is gauge the results via an accuracy matrix and any trace that holds a rating less than that of 65%, the client will not be charged.

This is a perfect way to trace anyone in the Uk with a near-zero risk service.

There are some general conditions to this policy, but a general rule is if you have provided the following three items of information, then your trace would be covered:

  • Full name – (no variations of spellings)
  • Full last UK address (within 5 years)
  • DOB (Date of Birth) – (no variations)

Trace Report

Our trace reports mean that when you trace anyone in the Uk using our services; you are given a full and comprehensive report upon completion.

Our trace report will include an information release agreement, ALL data discovered during tracing and a debrief outlining accuracy and also recommendations.

Trace anyone

*Please note that this service should not be used as a replacement for the emergency services if a person has been missing 24-48 hours. If you wish to gain additional help along with the police, please consider Missing People charity.

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