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Vehicle TrackingVehicle Tracking – True Track

Hull based Phil Green Security would like to introduce True Track Vehicle Tracking; the solution for vehicle anywhere in the UK. Once deployed clients can have instant updates on the location, speed and even travel history of the chosen vehicle.

Discreet Vehicle Tracking

Phil Green Security vehicle tracking service is the most effective way to monitor a subject’s vehicle 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Balancing both ease of use and cost-effectiveness, PGS tracking is the only choice for many clients.

Vehicle tracking with PGS allows the monitoring of an individual or asset by utilising the latest technology, to give our clients the most covert and discreet service available on the market. Our tracking services come with online and smartphone monitoring; however, if you just need a report over a period of time, then we can take care of that too.

What does True Track provide?

  • Current Location
  • Stoppage Frequency and Length
  • Speed of Travel
  • Route History (Displayed on Google-style map or Google Earth)

trackerinfoDuring the life of your assignment, you will be provided with full access to the tracker via our online portal, smartphone app or even a call to SMS feature.

How do you install the device?

Following an initial brief, one of our officers will be deployed to attach the tracker to the desired vehicle. This process is completely covert and nothing other than a location and description of the vehicle is needed. Once the device is in place and has passed our function tests, we will provide the client with all information required to access the reporting tools. The initial and best way to access the devices location information is via the call to SMS feature and is available straight away.

At the end of the assignment, PGS will recover the device in a similar manner to how it was deployed; covertly and without the subjects knowledge.

How much will it cost?

In order to get the most from our vehicle tracking, it is often combined with other services we provide such as covert surveillance. However, it must also be stated that vehicle tracking can also be a cost-effective alternative to manned surveillance.

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