Video: Phil Green Security Introduction

Video Phil Green Security Introduction

Video: Phil Green Security Introduction

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Following my last article on ‘Who is Phil Green Security‘, We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the recording and editing of our introduction video. By viewing our Phil Green Security Introduction; you will no longer will you need to read through the lengthy torrent that I posted… Ok well, it is still worth a read, but who doesn’t like a cool new video?

Phil Green Security Introduction

Phil Green Security is more than just another security provider
Our professional and dedicated team is made up of experts in protection, surveillance and investigation.
The company specialises in
• Site & Personnel Security
• Escort Security & surveillance
• Dedicated Search Teams
• Audits to measure and improve existing performance.
• Covert Surveillance, Escort Surveillance and even discreet vehicle tracking
• Incident Investigation & Statement recording
Phil Green Security offer our clients a wide range of solutions and we excel in customer service and discretion.
For more information call our 24 hr phone line on 0843 289 4141
Or visit

Phil Green Security, because our clients get more.

Phil Green Security Introduction – Mission

It is our aim to bring you regular videos about our services and interesting products from within the security industry; however, the videos will not be published as often as our written articles.

Phil Green security is dedicated to providing a high level of service to all of our clients and also joining the fight to push the industry forward. By being committed to our clients, staff and cross-industry colleagues, we believe that there is a sustainable future for growth.


Benefits of Using PGS

At PGS we give our clients something that many of our competitors either will not or can not provide; complete dedication. When calling upon PGS to carry out services for them; our clients do not just benefit from a professional and cost-effective solution; they also benefit from the strong work ethics, industry knowledge and experience brought by our high levels of staff commitment.

Our clients are more than just clients to PGS staff; they are the reason we go to work everyday and above everything, we will always go that extra mile to ensure we exceed our client’s requirements.

Did you read our article; Who is Phil Green Security?

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Philip Green

Phil Green is a security specialist who makes your security needs his personal mission. Utilising knowledge, equipment and a very strong work ethic; Phil does not settle for anything but the best for his clients. Phil can often be found on the front line with his staff carrying out assignments including security, investigation and surveillance roles.

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